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‘you were stellar!’ SMUGGLERS FESTIVAL 2014

‘one of the real delights and highlights of the festival – playful, powerful, very dynamic, very exciting, and an outstanding example of real ensemble storytelling. BEYOND THE BORDER FESTIVAL, 2013

‘Oh man….that was seriously hot shit!’ AUDIENCE – SECRET GARDEN PARTY – 2013

‘Rather fantastic’ HUGH LUPTON – STORYTELLER

‘Having that much fun on stage shouldn’t be allowed!’ TORONTO STORYTELLING FESTIVAL

‘It offered something new and exciting that audiences with little experience of storytelling could barely imagine’ WONDERFUL BEAST

‘I knew when I saw the list of performers for the epic juke box that I was in for something special but it was far more remarkable than I expected’ AUDIENCE – WONDERFUL BEAST – 2014

‘Fantastic! There should be more storytelling we can dance to, in my book’
‘inspirationally brilliant’
‘an unquestionable highlight’
‘stunning’ and ‘totally addictive’
‘this was sooooo good!’

‘Pandvani108 is the most unique & exciting work I have ever seen. Put it in a theatre or in an arts festival and it’s a serious quality piece of art which will pull a whole different audience into storytelling. Put it somewhere without the portal of a theatre, and you’ve got a seriously awesome tool for wider audience development, engaging people who would never buy a theatre ticket’ KATE NORGATE – THE CRICK CRACK CLUB

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